This package provides a session and result publisher that will output messages to a HipChat room. If you need to customise the message output then you can easily inherit and override behaviour.

It sends a message when the Wolfpack Agent starts (Session Messsage) and when a HealthCheck generates an alert. If the session message contains any unhealthy activities or healthchecks the message background will be set to red. Likewise, if a healthcheck alert has failed - otherwise the background will be set to green.


You can configure the room the messages are sent to and the name of the message sender.


Download the latest Wolfpack from codeplex...then you download & install this plug-in at a command line prompt in the Wolfpack installation folder with...
wolfpack.agent.exe /update:Wolfpack.Contrib.Publishers.HipChat
Files installed...
  • \Wolfpack.Contrib.Publishers.HipChat.dll
  • \HipChat.Net.dll
  • \Config\Publishers\hipchat.contrib.castle.config (example deployment publisher config)


Once installed you will need to adjust the "hipchat.contrib.castle.config" configuration file that was installed to the \Config\Publishers folder.

To use this publisher you will need to...
  • Set the "Enabled" property to "true"
  • Set the "Token" property. You will need to go into your HipChat GroupAdmin screen on the HipChat website to generate a new API token. You can use either an Admin or regular Notification type token.
  • Set the "From" property to set the message sender label - alternatively if you leave this blank, the Wolfpack Agent Info (SiteId/AgentId) will be automatically used.
  • Set the "Room" property to either the name or id# of the room to send the messages to.

<component id="HipChatPublisherConfig"
    type="Wolfpack.Contrib.Publishers.HipChat.HipChatPublisherConfig, Wolfpack.Contrib.Publishers.HipChat">

                <!-- can be either admin or notification type token -->
                <!-- If blank, the Wolfpack Site and Agent Id will be automatically inserted -->
                <!-- Can use room name OR id -->
                <Room>TODO: Set room name OR id</Room>


Any files/state left by the components?

Yes, the download folder will contain all package(s) files.

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hugorodgerbrown Jun 23, 2012 at 12:06 PM 
James - one other config parameter that you may want to add is "Colour" (or Color). It's not important in the grand scheme of things, but this allows you to set the background colour of the message - which can be useful if you have a lot of applications posting to a room.