This package provides HealthChecks related to MongoDb.


This check will monitor your log4mongo log4net mongodb database for new activity/logs.


Download the latest Wolfpack from codeplex...then you download & install this plug-in at a command line prompt in the Wolfpack installation folder with...
wolfpack.agent.exe /update:Wolfpack.Contrib.Checks.MongoDb

Files installed...
  • \Wolfpack.Contrib.Checks.MongoDb.dll
  • \Config\Checks\mongodb.contrib.castle.config


1. Move the mongodb.contrib.castle.config file to one of the appropriate schedule subfolders of \Config\Checks...eg: \Config\Checks\EveryMinute. This will automagically bind this check to run "EveryMinute". You can create more subfolders, the only caveat is that they must correspond to a component named the same in the schedule.castle.config file.

2. To enable the check just set the "Enabled" element value to "true".

3. Configure the database to monitor...where
  • Environment is the name of the server or environment as you want it to show in the published notification. This could be anything.
  • NumberOfMinutesPreviousToCheck is the number of minute to look back for new entries
  • MongoLogServerName is the name of the server to check
  • MongoLogDatabase is the name of the instance hosting the log db


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