What is it?

Wolfpack.Contrib is a set of extra plugins (health checks, publishers, activities) for Wolfpack - Distributed System Monitoring

The best way to use these is via NuGet - just search for "wolfpack" in the gallery search.

With v2.3 of Wolfpack it is really easy to install one of these contrib plug-ins...all you need to do is stop Wolfpack and at a command prompt in your Wolfpack installation folder type...
wolfpack.agent.exe /update:[name of plugin package to install]
eg: wolfpack.agent.exe /update:wolfpack.contrib.checks.fake
This will download and install the dll(s) and all other bundled files required - all you need do is modify the config file to suit your set up and that's it - your plugin is up and running! More information on installing plug-ins into Wolfpack is available here.

Source Code is available via the Mercurial repository (Source Code tab)

Health Checks

  • WolfPack.Contrib.Checks.NuGet - This health check monitors for new releases to one or more NuGet packages - get an alert if a new version is available!
  • WolfPack.Contrib.Checks.Fake - This package provides "fake" checks that can be used to test publishers.
  • WolfPack.Contrib.Checks.MongoDb - Use the log4mongo log4net package to log information to a mongodb database. This health check will monitor that database.
  • Wolfpack.Contrib.Checks.Ssl - This package provides a health check to monitor a Ssl certificates expiration date - alerts are generated when it falls within N days of expiry.
  • Wolfpack.Contrib.Checks.NServiceBusPerformanceCounters - This package provides health checks to monitor the performance counters emitted by NServiceBus including Critical Time and SLA Violation.
  • Wolfpack.Contrib.Checks.Powershell - NOTE - NOT RELEASED YET This package provides a health check to execute a Powershell script. Also provided are objects for the script to return that will trigger Wolfpack to create an alert.
  • Wolfpack.Contrib.Checks.Smtp - NOTE - NOT RELEASED YET This package provides a health check to ping a list of servers on port 25 with a HELO message.



  • Wolfpack.Contrib.Deployment - Provides publisher based plugins to respond to HealthCheck results and execute a command line. Direct support for downloading and executing a NuGet wrapped NUnit test package - deploy your tests as a NuGet package and have these components detect, download, unpack and execute it - xml results are parsed and then published as Wolfpack notifications (eg: test failure). Also provides base components to write your own custom deployment actions.
  • Wolfpack.Contrib.SignalR - NOTE - NOT RELEASED YET, IN DEVELOPMENT, CHECK SOURCECODE REPO FOR LATEST Provides an activity plugin that makes all Wolfpack alerts available via SignalR.

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