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Note - docs are being updated for latest v3 Wolfpack release - work in progress!

What is it?

Wolfpack.Contrib is a set of extra plugins (health checks, publishers, activities) for Wolfpack - Distributed System Monitoring

The best way to use these is via NuGet - just search for "wolfpack" in the gallery search.

With v2.3 of Wolfpack it is really easy to install one of these contrib plug-ins...all you need to do is stop Wolfpack and at a command prompt in your Wolfpack installation folder type...
wolfpack.agent.exe /update:[name of plugin package to install]
eg: wolfpack.agent.exe /update:wolfpack.contrib.checks.fake
This will download and install the dll(s) and all other bundled files required - all you need do is modify the config file to suit your set up and that's it - your plugin is up and running! More information on installing plug-ins into Wolfpack is available here.

Source Code is available via the Mercurial repository (Source Code tab)

Health Checks



  • Wolfpack.Contrib.DashboardAdapter - In Development - not released yet Provides a plugin and user interface to manage integration with dashboard platforms. Dashboard adapters allow you to format and send Wolfpack Notifications to any connected dashboard and supports simultaneous push to multiple different dashboards. Supported dashboards are Wolfpack's own dashboard Periscope and will eventually support Geckoboard, Dashku, Kibana plus you can write your own adapter to format and push a Notification anywhere you want.
  • Wolfpack.Contrib.Deployment - Provides publisher based plugins to respond to HealthCheck results and execute a command line. Direct support for downloading and executing a NuGet wrapped NUnit test package - deploy your tests as a NuGet package and have these components detect, download, unpack and execute it - xml results are parsed and then published as Wolfpack notifications (eg: test failure). Also provides base components to write your own custom deployment actions.

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